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- Raft Revenge -


After some successful looting, you reside at your island with your new treasure. When you open the chest to dwell over your riches, a thought hits you: "Wasn't there more gold here?" You suspect that your fellow pirate have stolen some, and set out for revenge!

How to play:

In order to reach the other island (which is the goal), you must sink the other player's raft. In order to do so, you use the oars to move your raft forwards/backwards, you aim and shoot with the cannon and repair any water leaks on your own raft so it doesn't sink. Your pirate aren't that good at swimming either, so stay on board! After succesfully sinking the other raft, then move your raft to the other island to win the game and get the booty!



Esc- Quit the game
Enter- Restart the game
P- Mute/Umnmute the music

Player 1:

W, D- Move
A, S- Use oars/Aim cannon
C- Jump
V- Interact

Player 2:

Left, Right- Move
Up, Down- Use oars/Aim cannon
, (Comma)- Jump
. (Period)- Interact


We used Tinysound to load and play sounds and music.
Its license can be found in the file LICENSE (included), and the library itself can be found on:
Try it! We highly recommend it!

Created by Johan Fallström, Felix Nodelijk and Anna Montelius for a physics course at Linköping University.

Install instructions

If you have java installed on your computer, then just open the jar file included.


RaftRevenge.zip 6 MB

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